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The online semester has been a great challenge for both lecturers and students. With the survey that started on 1 July, the University management wants to get a comprehensive picture of the situation students are in and the experiences they have had in the context of the online semester.

The aim is to find out how well students have felt the University has kept them informed during the summer semester and what effect the changeover to online formats has had and continues to have on their motivation to study and learn. The survey also includes questions about technical aspects and the general conditions that students have had to deal with this semester. Finally, students will have the opportunity to assess how examinations are being organised.

The results of the survey will be evaluated for each faculty at the beginning of August. They will then be used to help plan online teaching and communication formats for the winter semester, adjust any measures taken to date that made the online semester possible and identify any shortcomings.

All students will be sent an invitation to participate in the survey via their University email address. The survey will be conducted anonymously using the EvaSys evaluation system and will be carried out by the Office for Quality Management in Teaching and Studies.