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Dr. Dipu Sudhakar

Research Fellow

Theoretische Meteorologie
Vor dem Hospitaltore 1, Room 119r
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-32934
Fax: +49 341 97-32899

  • Sudhakar, D.; Quaas, J.; Quaas, M. F.; Rickels, W.; Mülmenstädt, J.; Boucher, O.
    Substantial climate response outside the target area in an idealized experiment of regional radiation management
    Climate. 2021. p. 66
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  • Mülmenstädt, J.; Gryspeerdt, E.; Salzmann, M.; Ma, P.-L.; Sudhakar, D.; Quaas, J.
    Separating radiative forcing by aerosol–cloud interactions and rapid cloud adjustments in the ECHAM–HAMMOZ aerosol–climate model using the method of partial radiative perturbations perturbations
    2019. pp. 15415-15429
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  • Hutchison, K. D.; Iisager, B. D.; Sudhakar, D.; Jiang, X.; Quaas, J.; Markwardt, R.
    A Methodology for Verifying Cloud Forecasts with VIIRS Imagery and Derived Cloud Products-A WRF Case Study
    Atmosphere. 2019. 10 (9).
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  • Gryspeerdt, E.; Goren, T.; Sourdeval, O.; Quaas, J.; Mülmenstädt, J.; Sudhakar, D.; Unglaub, C.; Gettelman, A.; Christensen, M.
    Constraining the aerosol influence on cloud liquid water path
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2019. 19 (8). pp. 5331-5347
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  • Sudhakar, D.; Quaas, J.; Wolke, R.; Stoll, J.; Mühlbauer, A.; Sourdeval, O.; Salzmann, M.; Heinold, B.; Tegen, I.
    Implementation of aerosol-cloud interactions in the regional atmosphere-aerosol model COSMO-MUSCAT(5.0) and evaluation using satellite data
    Geoscientific Model Development. 2017. 10 (6). pp. 2231-2246
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