Rolf Engelmann

Rolf Engelmann

Koordinator Transfer

Botanischer Garten
Linnéstraße 1, Room Erdg.
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-36859
Fax: +49 341 97-36868


Rolf A. Engelmann is coordinator for transfer at the Botanical garden of the University of Leipzig. In this function, he is primarily involved in the field of knowledge transfer at the interface of life sciences and society. This exchange between the university and stakeholders in society has always been an important aspect of his work in various research projects in recent years.

Professional career

  • since 04/2021
    Coordinator Transfer, Botanical Garden of the Leipzig University
  • 08/2017 - 03/2021
    Technical employee, German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig, research platform "Leipzig Canopy Crane (LCC)"
  • 05/2016 - 07/2017
    Research Associate, University of Leipzig, AG Special Botany and Functional Biodiversity, Project "Lebendige Luppe"
  • 07/2012 - 04/2016
    Changing positions (with gaps) as research assistant and research associate in different projects, Molecular Evolution and Plant Systematics, University of Leipzig
  • 04/2009 - 06/2012
    Research Associate, AG Physical Geography and Landscape Environmental Research, University of Leipzig, Project "Climate Change, Landscape Dynamics, Land Use and Natural Resources in the Atlantic Forest of Rio De Janeiro (DINARIO)".


  • 04/2000 - 11/2005
    Study of biology at the University of Leipzig
  • 10/1999 - 03/2000
    Study of biology at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Panel Memberships

  • since 12/2006
    Urban forest working group - Nature conservation and ecological consulting for the management of the Leipzig alluvial forest, at the invitation of the City of Leipzig, Office for Urban Green Areas and Waters, Forest Dept.
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