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Here you will find news from the MetaKLuB meta-project, from the projects of the funding guiledine on Cultural Arts Education in Rural Areas and from practice and research on cultural arts education.

Projekt MetaKLuB

MetaKLuB meta-project transfers to the University of Potsdam on 1 April 2023

Due to the call of the project leader Professor Nina Kolleck to the University of Potsdam, the MetaKLuB meta-project will move to the University of Potsdam on 1 April 2023.

Aus dem Metavorhaben MetaKLuB

Head of the meta-project receives Starting Grant from the European Research Council

The political scientist and educationalist and head of the BMBF meta-project in the funding guideline "Cultural Arts Education in Rural Areas" Professor Nina Kolleck has received one of the Starting Grants of the European Research Council (ERC), funded with around 1.5 million euros, for her…

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