With its Leipzig Researcher Development Programme (LRDP), Leipzig University offers tailored support for postdoctoral researchers. The programme is aimed at postdocs directly after completing their doctorate (up to about three years; known as Recognised Researchers or R2) as well as at researchers with extensive experience and a high degree of independence (four to eight years after completing their doctorate; known as Established Researchers or R3).

Diagram: Academic careers at Leipzig University

The Leipzig Researcher Development Programme:
Promoting Academic Qualification

The LRDP comprises a series of measures to integrate, develop and support postdoctoral researchers, taking into account the special requirements of the two qualification phases R2 and R3. The programme also offers services to prepare postdocs for career paths outside of academia – such as self-employment and managerial roles in business, culture and society.

The LRDP combines measures aimed at:

  • developing specialist skills at faculties, in research networks and at institutions
  • interdisciplinary skills development and guidance
  • career guidance
  • internationalisation, networking, interdisciplinarity and equality.

Promoting Interdisciplinary Skills

  • Workshops on transferable skills at the Competence School: leadership, management and much more
  • Individual support for aspiring entrepreneurs through the SMILE start-up initiative
  • Internal staff development courses at Leipzig University

Career Guidance

  • Career planning interviews
  • Annual status meetings
  • Mentoring
  • Career advice

Network Building and Partnerships



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