Collaborative Research Centers  

Collaborative Research Centers

Funding from the DFG

Collaborative Research Centres are institutions established at universities for a period of up to 12 years that enable researchers to pursue an outstanding research programme, crossing the boundaries of disciplines, institutes, departments and faculties. They facilitate scientifically ambitious, complex, long-term research by concentrating and coordinating the resources available at a university.

During their term, they are subject to a rigorous competition. Multiple experts are evaluating the ongoing Programs

Leipzig University has two Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) and one CRC/Transregio:

Leipzig University and the Martin-Luther-University-Halle/Wittenbers are currently involved in one CRC and one CRC/Transregio:

Together with the Technical University of Dresden, Leipzig University is involved in one CRC/Transregio:

Additionally, Leipzig University is a project partner for the following CRC and CRC/Transregio:

last update: 17.05.2018 


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