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Learning German

Learning German will facilitate and enrich your stay in Leipzig. Although English is spoken in some faculties and institutes, it is very helpful for everyday life in Leipzig if you have at least some basic knowledge of the German language.
The Research Academy Leipzig (RAL) in cooperation with the association interDaF am Herder-Institut Leipzig offers special courses for international researchers and PhD candidates. Foreign PhD candidates who are enrolled at Leipzig University can take advantage of the range of German courses offered by the Studienkolleg Sachsen. You can find further information about this on the Studienkollegs Sachsen website. Furthermore, you can find information about special integration and language courses (for instance for family members) offered in Leipzig on the City of Leipzig website (please note that the download section will not be updated anymore - for up-to-date information, use the integration course finder at the BAMF website) or at the Volkshochschule Leipzig. You can also find German evening classes at  ICC Sprachinstitute.
Additional information on language acquisition can be found on the brochure of the International and Specialized Services or at this website.

last update: 28.06.2018 


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