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General Information

Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications

The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is a pivotal factor to the success of immigration of qualified workers to Germany. Many immigrants have gained their professional qualifications in other countries and are often unable to be fully appreciated in the German labour market because there is a lack of adequate processes and means of assessment.

The Federal Recognition Act entered into effect on April 1st, 2012, aiming at easing the inclusion of foreign workers with foreign professional qualifications and encouraging the integration of foreign workers already living here into the German labour market. The Federal Recognition Act has improved procedures to evaluate foreign professional qualifications which fall under the responsibility of the Federal Government. The career relevant professional qualifications and documents which immigrants bring with them are judged in the best way possible, considering the features of each branch, in order to achieve the optimal and relevant employment of each candidate.

»Recognition in Germany« is the new information portal regarding the German government´s Recognition Act. This portal provides up-to-date information on the legal basis and procedure for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications.

The federal Recognition Act only governs professions which come under the resposibility of the Federal Government. It does regulate those professions for which the Länder are responsible, such as teachers, nursery school teachers, youth social workers, engineers and architects.The recognition of foreign qualifications in these professions is regulated by Länder legislation. Currently, a law on equivalence of professional qualifications (Sächsisches Berufsqualifikationsfestellungsgesetz – SächsBQF) is being worked on in Saxony.

publisher: Saxon State Chancellery

Legal Basis

The project AKZESS
Efficient immigration management for qualified professionals

The project AKZESS is an initiative from the State Ministry of the Interior of Saxony, the City of Dresden, the Cities of Chemnitz and Leipzig, the District of Mittelsachsen, the City of Freiberg, the Regional Administration Saxony of the Federal Employment Agency, the International Placement Services, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig and the Chambers of Crafts of Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig.

The goal is to speed up the administrative processes for a residence and work permit.

AKZESS offers:

  • a standardised, coordinated and efficient administration process cross-linking all parties involved,
  • transparent decision-making processes,
  • a reliable and fast decision within four weeks and
  • competent and service-oriented advice by all parties involved.

The administration and associations have committed themselves to this service. To make sure everything works, applicants and companies are asked to contribute their part.

The project has already carried out successfully at two local immigration offices since 1st of September 2011. Currently it is being implemented to two other immigration offices. A task force has been formed to accompany, test and evaluate this project locations.


The Project is a service offered to qualified professionals who have found a job in Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig or in the Freiberg region. AKZESS supports locally based companies and scientific or research institutions that already employ or want to recruit international staff. It also addresses to foreign PhD students, students in a Cooperative Education Program and to university graduates as well as to people from abroad who want to implement their business ideas and go into business for themselves in Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig or in Freiberg region.

publisher: Saxon State Chancellery

Further Information & Counselling

The Integration through Qualification (IQ) programme counselling offices provide information about the process of recognition of professional qualifications and will refer you to the authority responsible for your case. Anyone wishing to have their qualifications recognized could have a personal counselling session at a local office.

IBAS – Information and Counselling Office Recognition in Saxony

IBAS is part of the IQ network and gives migrants advice on the recognition of their foreign professional qualifications. IBAS offers basic information on possibilities of recognition, the further recognition procedure and professional integration.

The staff of the IBAS information centres offer the following help:

  • Advice on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Information on the regional Education Agency responsible for the applicant, the further recognition procedure and necessary documents
  • Advice on qualification possibilities and information on professional paths.

IQ Network (in German only)

Recognition in Germany – Recognition Finder

The “Recognition in Germany” website offers helpful information for anybody looking to get their professional qualifications recognized in Germany. Other than information on counselling offices, working in Germany and professional recognition, the website also offers a “recognition finder”. This finder is a helpful tool for finding information on the German (near) equivalent of their profession, the necessary steps to get ones professional qualification recognized and which authority is responsible for the recognition of ones qualifications.

Recognition Finder

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