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Child Day-Care in Leipzig

If you are an international guest professor or researcher and would like to find a day care or kindergarden place for your child please read the information in this flyer.
We advise international guests or new international staff (not students!) with children to inform about day nursery or pre-school places as early as possible (maximum 6 months ahead registration is possible). 

General information about child day-care in Leipzig

Children over the age of three have the legal right to a place in a pre-school. The city of Leipzig is legally obliged to offer a pre-school place to every child between the ages of three and six
who is resident in Leipzig, if desired by their parents. Children under three years old are entitled to child day-care if their parents are working, taking part in training or if it is seen as necessary for the development of the child that they attend such an institution.

The allocation of nursery places usually takes place at the beginning of the school year (at the end of August/September). Remaining places are often still available between September and December. In the period between January and July, it is very difficult to find a place in a nursery which is near the child’s place of residence.

In the city of Leipzig there are currently 39,749 day-care possibilities available for children (Leipzig social report 2014):

  • 5,409 crèche places 
  • 2,535 child day-care places for children under the age of 3
  • 16,093 kindergarden/ pre-school places (3-6 years)
  • 15,712 after school care.

These places are offered by voluntary agencies of the Child and Youth Service (Kinder- und Jugendhilfe) and the Youth, Family and Education Office in over 260 institutions as well as around 482 day-care personnel in Leipzig.

In principle, you have the opportunity to contact the respective day-care institution or child-minder yourself. The internet service www.meinkitaplatz.de provides you with another opportunity to search for day-care places.

With the help of this portal you can:

  • Find information about day nurseries,
  • Look for free places, and
  • Reserve a place depending on availability.

This portal shows a summary of all institutions in a specific area of the city on an interactive map, including contact details, under the heading (Reiter). You can also check the availability of a place for a certain period of time in advance. Please note that the map does not show all child care institutions.
(You may zoom into the map to look for child care centers in your vicinity.)

The cost of parental contribution can be found on the lower section of the website. You can find further information about
child day-care  on the City of Leipzig website:

Source: City of Leipzig, Youth, Family and Education Office

Schools offering German as a Second Language (DaZ) in Leipzig

In the Free State of Saxony, education for all children and young people is compulsory, independent of their residency status. Therefore, the Saxony Ministry for Culture has created the necessary conditions for successful educational integration.

Great importance is attached to the acquisition and promotion of the German language. The acquisition of everyday language is insufficient for a child to achieve success at school. Instead it is the task of the school to convey and promote the language of education.

In Leipzig, various primary schools (for children aged 6 to 10 years) offer German as a second language:

In order to achieve this aim, German as a second language (DaZ) has been established as a mainstream teaching subject taught by qualified teachers based on a syllabus. Preparatory classes are also offered at selected primary schools (6-10 years) and secondary schools in the City of Leipzig ,for instance, at (see full list here):

100. Grundschule Grünau
Hans-Christian-Andersen Grundschule
Grundschule am Rabet
Wilhelm-Wander Grundschule
Adam Friedrich Oeser Grundschule

At these schools you do not have to pay any school fees (with the exception of a fee for after-school care in primary schools).

German as a second language is taught to children in Year 5 upwards (children from 11 years of age) at various secondary schools.

Apolonia von Wiedebach Schule 
16. Mittelschule
20. Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig
84. Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig
94. Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig
Helmholtz Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig

Language education takes place in these classes in 3 stages, which are individually designed:

  • Stage 1: lessons in German as a second language in the preparatory class with the aim of creating a general and educational language basis for participation in mainstream lessons.
  • Stage 2: lessons in German as a second language in the preparatory class and step-by-step individually-regulated part integration in lessons of the mainstream class in order to achieve the further acquisition of receptive and productive linguistic competence.
  • Stage 3: lessons in the mainstream class with the opportunity for individual promotion of linguistic abilities related to qualifications.

It is possible to attend lessons in stage 3 at all schools.

In order to be able to organise the acquisition of the German language and therefore educational integration in an optimal and individual manner, all new children and young people will receive educational guidance at the Saxon Agency of Education, regional centre Leipzig. Information will also be provided about the possibility of continuing existing school studies and a decision will be made regarding acceptance to attend a preparatory class.

Please contact the Welcome Centre if you are coming to Leipzig with children of school age so that you can receive individual advice.

Source: City of Leipzig, Sächsische Bildungsagentur Referentin für Migration

Schools with foreign language lessons in Leipzig

Schools offering foreign-language tuition in Leipzig


Around 700 schoolchildren from 50 countries attend the Leipzig International School (LIS). The majority of children are from Great Britain, the USA, Russia, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The lessons are taught in English and children at the LIS can also learn German.
The school fees are between 500 and 800 Euros per month. Children from 3 years of age (pre-school) up to Abitur (equivalent to A Levels) (Year 12) can attend the International School.


The German-French Educational Centre (Deutsch-Französisches Bildungszentrum) Leipzig consists of five independently existing institutions which offer education and development in the German and French languages – all the way from day nurseries to gaining qualifications from a secondary school or grammar school.

They work according to a comprehensive, cross-institutional, standardised and integrated concept, from the first day at school up until leaving school. This enables a pedagogical education structure for bilingual education in German and French.

A premise of the structure of this concept is to give children and their parents the opportunity to begin bilingual education at different stages of the child’s life. i.e. at day nursery, at the beginning of primary school, when joining secondary school or grammar school. The 5 institutions which make up the German-French Educational Centre Leipzig are:

Pablo Neruda Grundschule
Integrative day nursery "Kleiner Muck"
Day nursery of the Pablo Neruda Grundschule

If your child speaks French and is aged between 6 and 10 years, the
Pablo Neruda Grundschule would be a suitable school.

There is a special “French class” in each school year for children with previous knowledge of the French language. These children come predominantly from bilingual day nursery groups or have been brought up bilingually by their families.

In the French class, several subjects are partially taught bilingually (e.g. mathematics, sport and art). The children also learn to read and write in both languages.

If your child is over 10 years old and speaks French, the
Georg-Schumann-Mittelschule or the
Reclam-Gymnasium would be suitable schools.

Sources: Homepage LIS, Georg-Schumann-Mittelschule DFBZ

Child benefit

If you are registered in Germany and are in possession of the residence permit according to § 18, § 19, § 19 a, § 20 AufenthG/Residence Act or are an EU-citizen or a citizen of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia or Turkey, then you will receive a child benefit for the children living with you in Leipzig. This is paid for each child from birth until the age of 18. If your children are still studying or in training, it is even paid until the age of 25. The Family Benefits Department is responsible for paying this allowance.

Information on how to apply for child benefit and on the respective responsible family benefits office can be found in our flyer “How to apply for child benefit” as well as in the “Guidelines for public authorities”.

last update: 18.07.2017 


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