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The health system in Leipzig

Information about health care provision and prevention
The City of Leipzig provides  information about health care provision and prevention in various languages.

The guide contains information about health services in the City of Leipzig, health insurance, special rules for medical care in accordance with the Code of Social Law XII and the Benefits for Asylum Seekers Act, medical and dental care, hospital stays and emergency situations as well as medication and medical checkups.
There are also chapters about AIDS and HIV, help for addicts, help for women and girls who are victims of violence, and psychotherapy.

A directory of addresses contains the most important emergency telephone numbers and the addresses and telephone numbers of public health services, hospitals, emergency services and advice centres in the City of Leipzig.

Health guide German
Health guide Arabic
Health guide English
Health guide French 
Health guide Polish 
Health guide Russian 
Health guide Vietnamese

Doctors who speak foreign languages

Migrants who require a doctor or psychotherapist in Leipzig whom they can speak to in their own language can find a list of doctors and psychotherapists in the directory who, besides German, also speak another language. The directory also contains an overview of the advisory services of the public health department and addresses of advice centres (advice about addiction, family and child guidance) where the employees speak a foreign language or where an interpreter can be called in.
Both brochures are also available free of charge from the public health department, the Department for Migration and Integration, advice centres and contact points for migrants and citizen registration offices.

Directory of doctors and psychotherapists who speak a foreign language as well as other advisory services.
In addition you can look for a doctor who speaks your native language entering the database: www.kvs-sachsen.de/arztsuche/ With the help of this translated search maskyou can look for an apropriate specialist who is situated in your local district, by filling in your zip code (Postleitzahl). If you are looking for a GP please tick "Hausarzt".

Furthermore, you can find an illustrated German-English health dictionary published for students, here
Source: City of Leipzig (Migration Department)

last update: 19.04.2018 


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