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Travel and transportation in Germany and Leipzig

Germany has a good public transport system. You can easily get almost everywhere you want to go by train or bus, tram or (in some towns) underground. Leipzig also has a sopisticated network of bicycle lanes – if you enjoy cycling, it can be a useful alternative to public transport.

Public Transport

Deutsche Bahn
“Deutsche Bahn” (German Rail) connects all the larger towns and many of the smaller ones locally, regionally and long-distance. “Deutsche Bahn” has a lot of special offers and deals ( “BahnCard 50” or “BahnCard 25”). There are also special discounts for groups and advance bookings. Buy your ticket before you get on the train. You can purchase tickets online, or there are ticket machines or ticket offices at the station. If you are in a hurry, you can buy your ticket from the ticket collector on long-distance trains, but this is more expensive. Please note: on local, regional and “S-Bahn” trains you have to buy your ticket before you enter the train. Make sure you always have a valid ticket. There are ticket inspections on trains and buses, and travelling without a valid ticket (“Schwarzfahren” – fare dodging) might prove expensive. If you are embarking on a longer journey, particularly at the weekend, you should reserve a seat. On some routes the trains get very full.

For more information visit the website of  Deutsche Bahn.

Local transport system
There is plenty of local transport – buses, trams and underground – in Leipzig. You can buy tickets at ticket machines on the platform or inside the trams; in buses the drivers often sell tickets, too. “Mehrfahrtenkarten” (multi-trip tickets) are cheaper than individual tickets and can usually only be purchased at ticket machines. If you are staying in Leipzig for a longer period and intend to use public transport regularly, it may well be worth buying a weekly or monthly season ticket. They are available at the local transport ticket office of Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe, which is situated near the railway station.

For more information on tickets, timetables and service, please go to the local transport company Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe.

Taxis in Germany are relatively expensive, and Leipzig is no exception. Therefore, many people only use them in special situations – at night, for example, or when they have a lot of luggage. Prices are regulated. You are charged a basic price plus a charge per kilometre. All taxis have a taxi meter which runs during the entire journey and registers the price at the end. It is usual to give the taxi driver a tip by rounding up the amount.

For more information on Leipzig Taxi see here: Gelbe Seiten

One alternative to public transport, especially for long journeys, is the “Mitfahrzentrale” (car sharing agency). Drivers who are going on long journeys often register their journeys at car sharing agencies and offer to take passengers. These offers are sorted according to destination and date, and you can acquire more information online or by telephone. You pay a fixed sum directly to the driver, based on distance. Please note that you use car sharing agencies at your own risk. The agencies themselves cannot usually guarantee the quality or reliability of the arrangement or accept liability.

For more information use this link: Mitfahrzentrale Leipzig


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