Knowledge and Technology Transfer  

Knowledge and
Technology Transfer

Research for the future

The Universität Leipzig sees a special obligation in the forward-looking exploitation of research services.

The Research Service Office at the Universität Leipzig is the key point of contact for issues regarding the transfer of knowledge and technology. It operates as the interface between science and industry. Its research database gives a quick overview of the fields of research, the facilities and possible opportunities to cooperate and work with all institutions in the Universität Leipzig. It gives advice when research tasks are completed, when patents are applied for, how to exploit them, and carries out initial consultations on the founding of innovative companies.

Core fields in the transfer of knowledge and technology at the University are:

•    Contract research, academic services and other marketing activities
•    Fairs and exhibitions
•    Patents and how to exploit them: with SachsenPatent, Saxon universities and non-university research institutions have created an organisational framework in which they assess and exploit inventions, protecting proprietary rights, with the involvement of the Saxon Patent Marketing Agency in Dresden.
•    Supporting people who are setting up their own business: with SMILE, the Self Management Initiative LEipzig Learning Entrepreneurship, a joint venture between the University and Leipzig Commercial College, the University supports people who are considering setting up their own business. There are other wide-ranging university initiatives in the area of funding business start-ups, e.g. as part of the ugb-business plan competition and also futureSAX.

last update: 14.07.2017 


Research- and Transfer-Service 
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