The Research University Leipzig

 “A tradition of crossing boundaries” – that is the motto of Leipzig University. The university takes pride in an uninterrupted tradition of teaching and research for the last 600 years, making it the second oldest university in Germany. We would also like to shape the future, so we are working on our profile and success for the following decades. 

Nowadays, Leipzig is expanding its focus on interdisciplinary and internationally connected research. 

Since 2012, researchers of the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research iDiv are developing strategies for a sustainable management of the planet’s biodiversity. In cooperation with Halle and Jena, Leipzig won the competition for the centre, since it was already home to various Max Planck Institutes and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – excellent conditions for top-level research.

Top-level research is also carried out in collaborative research centres, research training groups and research units. Leipzig’s faculty of medicine is internationally renowned for the study of diseases typical for our civilization. It accommodates a project funded by the German Research Foundation that approaches obesity from an interdisciplinary perspective. Currently, the project is in the race for a much sought-after funding for a cluster of excellence in the framework of the German Universities Excellence Initiative. The university also takes a leading role in the area of natural sciences: The department of meteorology is part of a transregional collaborative research centre. Social and cultural effects of globalization are a core area of expertise of Leipzig’s social sciences that has been rewarded with another collaborative research center. We are proud to be able to provide attractive opportunities to researchers at all stages of their scientific career.

In 2016, third-party funding amounted to 108 m €. The German Research Foundation is the largest third party donor, followed by the German Ministry for Education and Research and private enterprise donors.

Talented young researchers also profit from Leipzig’s top-level research: Various third-party funded projects offer attractive opportunities for prospective PhD students to take part in innovative research. Apart from that, junior researchers pursuing a PhD can do their doctorate in the framework of one of the various graduate schools or as a member of staff at an academic chair. The university’s Research Academy, founded in 2006, will be pleased to support you concerning all aspects of your doctoral project. 

last update: 03.08.2018 


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