Get a PhD at Leipzig University

A PhD can be done in all subjects that are offered at Leipzig University. Admission as a PhD candidate to the appropriate faculty is subject to the Doctoral Regulations of the University Faculties (documents in German only).

Additionally, it is possible to do postgraduate studies, or to do a PhD in structured international PhD programmes (such as Graduate School, Research Training Groups, International Max Planck Research Schools) at the  Research Academy Leipzig. The Research Academy is the umbrella organisation for all structured doctoral qualification programmes at Leipzig University. It aims at providing the best possible conditions for the advancement of young researchers.

Status of PhD candidates at Leipzig University:
We recommend that PhD candidates enrol with the University in order to receive official student status. Approximately one third of all PhD candidates are also enrolled as PhD students, which allows them specific student amenities (this does not apply to health insurance though).
You can do your PhD as a scholarship holder, part of the University research staff, or financed otherwise.

last update: 03.01.2018