Binational Doctoral Degrees  

Doctoral Degrees

Binational Doctoral Degrees

Using the French programme “co-tutelles de thèse” as a model, German universities offer PhD candidates the possibility of simultaneously earning a doctorate at a German university, such as Leipzig University, and at a foreign university. Following successful graduation, a shared doctoral degree and title from both universities are awarded. Both degree and title are based on a single research project.

Officially recognized qualifications from two different countries, proven language proficiency and the intercultural skills earned in two different scientific and university systems all greatly improve career chances of new PhD graduates.

PhD candidates do their research under the control and guidance of two advisors, one in each country. The specifics of each binational study agreement are agreed upon by both universities prior to the beginning of studies. Each agreement enables a PhD candidate to apply for a scholarship through DAAD or the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule Organization.

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