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Public Doctoral

Public Doctoral Dissertations in Leipzig

The practice of publicly presenting the dissertations of PhD candidates in Leipzig started in the summer of 2004 with an initiative of the Leipzig Network of Scholarship Holders, which continued to organise the presentations through 2008. In 2008, the Leipzig Initiative for PhD Candidates took over and continued to support the idea of giving PhD candidates in Leipzig the chance to present their theses and research to the public.

Beginning in 2010, running the presentations became the responsibility of the Council of PhD Candidates. Up to three evening presentations with a common academic theme are held every semester with an open invitation to an interdisciplinary academic audience as well as anyone interested in the area. Through the presentation, PhD candidates are confronted with an interesting challenge: how to present their research strategies and findings clearly and in a way that even non-academics can understand. The diversity of research projects flowing from the different academic areas of the university allows these public dissertations to continue to flourish and introduce a wider audience to the rich research landscape of Leipzig University.

Current dates and topics can be found on the website of the PromovierentenRat (Council of PhD Candidates, in German only).

last update: 19.05.2017 

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