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Research Profile

The Core Growth of Research

graphic of the Research Profile Areas Global Connections and Comparisons Contested Order Language and Culture in a Digital Age Brain Dynamics Mollecular and Cellular Communication Modern Deseases Sustainable Systems and Biodiversity Complex Matter Mathematical and Computational Sciences

As the result of a long process, Leipzig University is refocussing its research in nine profile areas. They combine the Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences as well as Natural Sciences in approximately equal parts. In their collaboration, the scientists involved cross many disciplinary boundaries.

Its establishment was preceded by a process taking around one year, in which, among others, two external commissions of experts examined proposals from research teams. The research performance of the university is to be further developed in a unique manner through third-party funded and highly competitive collaborative research. The nine profile areas signify scientific core growth, attracting academic and scientific excellence from university and non-university research partners alike.

Leipzig University is currently engaged in cutting-edge research in the academic fields of biodiversity, obesity and globalization.

These Research Profile Areas are focused into to three strategic research fields:

Changed order in a globalised world

Intelligent methods and materials

Sustainable principles for life and health

last update: 11.04.2018 


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