Contested Order  

Contested Order

Order with a Certain Degree of Risk

Contested Order

This profile area addresses questions concerning the emergence, development, consolidation and collapse of human order.

Researchers participating in the profile area come from a number of different disciplines belonging to the social and legal sciences and the humanities. Earth scientists and medical experts are involved as well.

The area's research activities focus on the instability and the transitory nature of state order, business order and (inter)cultural order, to name but a few. Factors that connect the academic research to reality can be found in socially relevant issues such as economic crises, political instability and ethical relativism.

The involved researchers are able to look back on a joint success story of many years, which includes the foundation of the Centre for Area Studies (CAS) and different research groups in the area of Digital Humanities at Leipzig University. Future plans to continue this positive development include setting up a group of researchers who will be dealing with logical systems of order.

last update: 25.09.2015 


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Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schubert
Department of History
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