Language and Culture in a  Digital Age  

Language and
Culture in a
Digital Age

Challenges of Digitalisation

Language and Culture in a Digital Age

This profile area studies the application, development, and critical analysis of digital technologies and media in humanities and social science research. It also covers the manifestation of language, culture, and the transfer of knowledge and culture in a digital age.

All faculties involved collaborate to do cross-faculty and interdisciplinary work.

The profile area's aim is to promote research cooperations that enable researchers to analyse manifestations of language and culture in a digital age, to use procedures of digitalisation, and to evaluate its current impact. The area regards itself as a mediating level of communication between Computer Science and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Critically discussing methodological principles, establishing productive communication processes, and exploring new research and teaching methods and innovative publication opportunities are some of the researchers' main objectives.

Moreover, they strive to apply and improve methods of digitally representing and analysing sources belonging to the Humanities and Social Sciences (such as texts, pictures, and music). Another important aspect of this profile area's work is to study the effects of an increasing digitalisation on data and analyses, on processes concerning the transfer of knowledge and culture as well as on analyses of language use and acquisition in learning processes.

The working group #digitalegegenwart ("digital present") critically discusses the impact of digital technologies and media. Another field of expertise is general linguistics and philology. Topics include the formal representation of language, its diversity, its processing, and individual language use and acquisition. Research achievements stemming from numerous well-funded cooperation projects of Computer Science and Social Sciences gained international recognition when the Humboldt Professorship for Digital Humanities was awarded to Prof. Dr. Gregory Crane.

last update: 04.11.2015 


Prof. Ph. D. Gregory Crane
Institute of Computer Science
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Prof. Dr. Verena Klemm
Institute of Oriental Studies
Schillerstr. 6
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Prof. Dr. Barbara Stiebels
Institute of Linguistics
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