Language and Culture in a  Digital Age  

Language and
Culture in a
Digital Age

DFG Projects

Interaction of Grammatical Building Block - GRK 2011

The Rearch Training Group puts its focus on the phonology, morphology, and syntax of natural languages. Detailed, large-scale investigations of these form-based components of grammar by cooperative research projects have arguably been [...] Read more

Structure Removal in Syntax

Systems which include structure-building operations usually feature complementary structure-removing operations as well. The Minimalist Program (Chomsky (2001; 2013)) is characterised by by a structure-building operation, which accounts for the incremental generation of syntactic representation as well as for modelling movement, namely Merge. This project pursues the hypothesis that a complementary structure-removing operation Remove is not only expected for conceptual reasons, but also backed directly by empirical evidence, and allows a whole new prospect on a number of phenomena which have been neglected or treated unsatisfyingly in minimalist analyses. [...] weiterlesen

EU Projects

Form-frequency correspondences in grammar - H2020 (ERC AdG)

This project will document and explain a substantial number of grammatical universals by demonstrating a link between cross-linguistic patterns of language form and general trends of language use. [...] Read more

Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents - H2020 (RIA)

The overall objective of READ is to implement a Virtual Research Environment where archivists, humanities scholars, computer scientists and volunteers are collaborating with the ultimate goal of boosting research, innovation, development and usage of cutting edge technology for the automated recognition, transcription, indexing and enrichment of handwritten archival documents. [...] Read more

Mobility and Inclusion in multilingual Europe - FP7

MIME is a research project on multilingualism in Europe, funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. Using an innovative interdisciplinary approach, MIME will generate an [...] Read more

Research project for exploring the scientific language of the humanities

German-language press releases with further project information. Read more

BMBF projects

Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN-D)

The implementation phase of the  BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) project CLARIN-D will develop a digital infrastructure for language-centered research in the social sciences and humanities. The main function of the CLARIN-D service centres will be [...] Read more

Humboldt Chair

Digital Humanities

The Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Leipzig sees in the rise of Digital Technologies an opportunity to re-assess and re-establish how the humanities can advance the understanding of the past and to support a dialogue among civilizations. Philology, which uses [...] Read more

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