Language and Culture in a  Digital Age  

Language and
Culture in a
Digital Age

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12.03.2017 bis 16.03.2017 - Convention

10th Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies

Campus Augustusplatz
Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

12.03.2017 bis 16.03.2017

LICTRA 2017 will continue the tradition of previous conferences, which have been organized and held at the University of Leipzig since 1965, of expanding horizons and providing food for thought. LICTRA conferences have always been bellwethers and catalysts for T&I studies around the world.

While recent LICTRA congresses have focussed on T&I didactics (1997), T&I competence (2004), T&I quality (2007) and international synergies in T&I research (2010), the tenth in the series will concentrate on where T&I studies stand in the light of digitalisation in the age of industry 4.0 or Internet 4.0, as the increasing use of internet technology to facilitate communication between humans, machines and products is often called. The technological building blocks of this world are cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, which describes a process whereby the computer as a stand-alone device will lose much of its importance, as a network of identifiably different "intelligent" physical objects – things – is built up in a structure that is similar to or is a development of the Internet.

At the core of LICTRA will be the analysis of major current and future problems as well as more classical questions regarding the effects this new dynamic and these technical developments will have on translation itself and on the constantly developing avenues of T&I research.

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Management Staff:
Professor Dr. Carsten Sinner

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