Modern Diseases  


The Influence of Modern Civilisation on Human Health

Modern Diseases

This profile area investigates the mechanisms causing diseases of civilisation. The term encompasses functional and physical health impairments and diseases that are triggered, favoured or caused by the influences of modern civilisation.

Participating institutions belong to the natural and life sciences. Their collaboration takes place within large research associations.

The profile area's focus is on lifestyle diseases, with an emphasis on diseases of the metabolism, inflammatory diseases, disorders of the regeneration of cells and organs as well as disorders of their signaling pathways. Researchers also aim at a more profound understanding of how interactions between inflammation, metabolism and regeneration processes can influence lifestyle diseases.

The university especially focusses on researching obesity as one of civilization's Modern Deaseases. The current Excellence Strategy of Leipzig University contains an interdisciplinary proposal for a Cluster of Excellence aiming at establishing an international reference centre for integrative obesity research.

Within the scope of the Excellence Strategy, we will be exploring innovative therapy options, individualized prevention measures as well as campaign-based health recommendations. These goals will be based on an amalgamation of biomedical, psychological and socio-cultural research taking place in the Obesity Competence Center.

last update: 10.04.2018 


Prof. Dr. med.
Matthias Blüher

Endocrinology and Nephrology
University Hospital
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04103 Leipzig

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Prof. Dr. Wieland Kiess
Child and Adolescent Medicine
University Hospital
Liebigstr. 20a
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Prof. Dr. Jan Simon
Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology
University Hospital
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04103 Leipzig

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