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DFG Projects

Obesity Mechanisms - SFB 1052

There are several questions about the unresolved, pathogenic mechanisms of obesity and its comorbid disorders, three of which are central and unifying to the Collaborative Research Centre: (1) Why are (obese) people in a positive caloric balance? (2) How does overeating lead to adverse fat deposition and adipose tissue inflammation? (3) Which fat derived "signals" (adipokines) are responsible for obesity-related diseases? Consequently, we define three research areas reflecting these major research questions: (1) overeating, (2) fat deposition and inflammation, and (3) adipokines. Read more

Functional Biomaterials for Controlling Healing Processes in Bone und Skin - From Material Science to Clinical Application - SFB/TRR 67

The important successes in implantation and transplantation medicine achieved in the last years have their base mainly on expanding of experimental knowledge. [...] Read more

Elucidation of Adhesion-GPCR signaling - FOR 2149

Adhesion-type G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCR) form a large class of seven-transmembrane spanning (7TM) receptors. 7TM receptors have proven the linchpin for countless physiological functions and a treasure trove for modern pharmaceutical intervention. aGPCR appear in stark contrast to the rest of the 7TM receptor superfamily. Despite their abundance, remarkable size and [...] Read more

EU Projects

BETA3_LVH - Horizon 2020

Patients with cardiovascular risk factors, e.g. hypertension and obesity are at risk of developing heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), a highly prevalent disease in the elderly, mostly women population. [...] Read more

Hybrid Drug Delivery Systems upon Mesoporous Materials, Self Assembled Therapeutics and Virosomes

HYMADE focuses on the development of capsules and engineered colloidal particles for drug delivery combining mesoporous colloids, the Layer by Layer (LbL) technique and virosomes. The capsules and particles have potential applications in cancer and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and uveitis. [...] Read more

BMBF Projects

SysMedOs - Integration of oxidative stress into systems medicine view for obesity and obesity related complications

The project aims is to include knowledge on different oxidized versions of lipids and proteins into the integrated view on obesity and obesity related complications by systems medicine. The project will combine clinical parameters and omics data targeting oxidized lipids and lipid-modified proteins, as well as freely accessible multi-omics datasets in order to mathematically model the impact of oxidative stress on adipose tissue to distinguish metabolically healthy obese individuals from those with high metabolic risks. [...] Read more

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