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You studied, researched, taught or worked at Leipzig University – or you are still doing it? Then you have found the right place!
Leipzig University's Alumni Network is a vital link to your alma mater and to other alumni – for a lifetime. It is open to all former and current students and staff, as well as to the University's sponsors and friends.


Membership in Leipzig University's Alumni Network is:

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It is your own decision how much you want to (or are able to) get involved. Anyone who wants to support their alma mater with their expertise or a financial contribution does so voluntarily.

What our alumni say

„A can-do attitude, a certain closeness to other disciplines, a way of thinking that approaches problems a little differently: These qualities made my studies at Leipzig University such an exciting period for me. Every time I return to the campus, I'm a little nervous: Does my memory stand the test of time? Does the University still feel as full of energy today, ten years after my graduation, as it did back then? Fortunately, despite all the changes over the years, the University's character is still the same. It feels as though everything were possible in Leipzig, as if Leipzig were always open to change. Being an alumna feels inspiring, because you keep up this pioneer spirit even when you're back in the office and your normal life.“

Dr. Jasmin Fischer, alumna Political Science, Journalism and American Studies

last update: 25.05.2018 


Leipzig Alumni
(German Alumni)

Christin Kieling
Ritterstraße 30–36
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Leipzig Alumni International
(International Alumni)

Agneta Jilek
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Goethestraße 6 (postal address)
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 341 97-32024
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