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When we looked at family Hempel-Langanke's application, we asked ourselves: Is it simply a coincidence or are medicine alumni especially loyal to Leipzig University? After all, the family has 15 alumni who are almost exclusively physicians.

Following their father's example, all five children of Dr. med. Carl Erich Hempel's studied medicine in Leipzig. Their father studied medicine at the Alma mater Lipsiensis between 1913 and 1919, spent a long time working as chief physician for surgery at the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Leipzig, and was appointed professor in 1962.

The oldest sons Hans-Peter and Klaus Jochem studied in Leipzig in the years after the War. Hans-Peter studied physics, Klaus Jochem medicine. After working as assistants at the Institutes of Physics and the Institute of Pathology, both moved to West Germany in 1959/60 and now live in Nuremberg and Hamburg, respectively. The fifth and youngest Hempel daughter Annegret no longer resides in Leipzig either, but moved to Landshut (Bavaria). After studying medicine and getting her doctoral degree in Leipzig, she left the GDR in 1975 with her husband and former fellow student Siegfried Dammenhain.

Unlike his siblings, the middle child Gunter Georg was not as interested in the natural sciences. He studied musicology and art history in Leipzig between 1950 and 1955. During this time, he met the woman who would later become his wife, Irene Neuhäuser. He wrote his doctoral thesis in 1960 and worked as assistant to the Leipzig University Choir.

Barbara Elisabeth is the couple's fourth child and her curriculum vitae sounds like a textbook example for an academic career: She studied dentistry between 1952 and 1957 and specialised in oral medicine. Afterwards, she studied medicine, specialised in head, neck and plastic surgery, and wrote her doctoral thesis in dentistry as well as medicine. Before her habilitation and her appointment as professor of Orthodontic Surgery at Leipzig University in 1992, she had been part of a working group that discussed the University's Democratic Renewal since the autumn of 1989.

Her choice of studies did not only benefit her professionally, it also started a family: Dieter Langanke, Barbara's husband, studied medicine at Leipzig University at the same as her and was appointed professor of Anaesthesia at the University Hospital Leipzig in the 1980s. It comes as no surprise that both their children, Thomas and Konstanze, studied medicine as well (of course at the Alma mater Lipsiensis). After their studies and their PhDs in the 1980s, Thomas Langanke specialised in orthopaedics and has his own medical practice, while his sister Konstanze works as chief physician for paediatric surgery at the Donauspital in Vienna.

The Hempel-Langankes' passion for medicine extends into the fourth generation: Robert Langanke, Barbara and Dieter Langanke's grandson, Thomas and Dagmar Langanke's son, is currently training to become a paramedic in order to efficiently use the time until he can begin studying medicine. He might just follow in his great-grandfather’s footsteps and become another member of the Leipzig alumni family.

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