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Get Involved

Your Support for the University

If you want to support your Alma Mater, you can do so in many ways – be it personally or financially. On this site, we will show you several possibilities of how to get involved in a way that fits your personality and situation.

Help Aspiring Students Choose

Your career can help aspiring and current students choose the right study programme for them. The portal "Leipzig studieren!" aims to present all basic study programmes of Leipzig University in an understandable way, using a multi-media approach. The portal's objective is to give aspiring students an impression (as comprehensive as possible) of every study programme. Part of this presentation is the section "In the Graduate's Own Words", which gives alumni the chance to tell students about their own studies and career start, in the form of 10 questions.

If you would like to contribute, please fill in the alumni questionnaire (currently only available in German) with information from your own individual background and career, and it to the portal "Leipzig studieren!".

"A Seat in the Paulinum": Sponsor a Chair

The Paulinum auditorium and the University Church St. Pauli at the Augustushof Campus will be the venues of University events and other cultural happenings. In its function as a key element of the University and, at the same time, a bit of public space in Leipzig's city centre, the Paulinum will be shared by ordinary people, companies, alumni and everyone who is interested in the city or the University.

By symbolically buying a chair, you are supporting our project "A Seat in the Paulinum". Your sponsorship supports Leipzig University, and it shows your permanent solidarity and attachment to your Alma mater and the city of Leipzig. The donations received in the chair sponsorships will benefit the Paulinum/Augusteum and the events taking place there.


Since the winter semester of 2012/2013, Leipzig University has been taking part in the  "Deutschlandstipendium", giving scholarships to talented students. You too can contribute to the education of top employees and researchers in economy, science, art and other fields. At the same time, your involvement strengthens the University's regional network and its attractiveness.

Support our Career Service

The Career Service is an important link between the University and the professional world. You can support it by offering internships/jobs or sponsoring papers/theses, or by simply helping us procure such positions/sponsoring. As an alumnus of Leipzig University, you can also help by getting into contact with students in workshops, at events or during a talk and provide them with advice on different topics, thereby easing their professional integration.

"A Day with ...": Introduce Students to the Professional World

You can get involved in the Project "A Day with...". The objective of the programme is to introduce students to fields and opportunities of work that graduates of their own study programme work in. The programme is supposed to provide students with different perspectives, establish new contacts, and help them talk to someone experienced about possible ways to start a career, individual career paths and future prospects. At the same time, it gives alumni (and the companies they work for) the chance to present themselves as attractive hosts or employers, respectively. Currently, the programme is offered to students in the following study programmes: English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Romance Studies, and Sports Science/Sports Management.

Direct Support for Your Area of Expertise

By registering in your faculty or your institute's Alumni Initiatives, you are directly supporting and strengthening your area of expertise.

last update: 01.03.2018 


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Leipzig Alumni International
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