Membership in the Alumni Network  

Membership in the
Alumni Network

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The alumni network helps you stay in touch with (former) fellow students, lecturers and the University itself. The network's aim is to promote an intensive and mutual exchange of views, knowledge and experience.

All you have to do is enter your relevant data and keep it up-to-date by signing up to our Alumni Portal, the network's protected online membership area. You will be able to access the portal once you register. 

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Alumni Portal Overview

Networking in the Alumni Portal

The Alumni Portal allows you to:

  • subscribe (it's free!) to the alumni newsletter and the alumni magazine (only available in German)
  • easily manage your contact details so we can get in touch
  • create and manage your user profile
  • search for other alumni
  • be involved in international and subject-based alumni initiatives

last update: 24.05.2018 


Leipzig Alumni
(German Alumni)

Christin Kieling
Ritterstraße 30–36
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 341 97-35036
Telefax: +49 341 97-35039

Nina Vogt
Ritterstraße 30–36
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 341 97-35026
Telefax: +49 341 97-35039

Leipzig Alumni International
(International Alumni)

Agneta Jilek
Ritterstraße 12/407 (visitor address)
Goethestraße 6 (postal address)
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 341 97-32024
Telefax: +49 341 97-32049

Other Ways to Register

You can register in the alumni network via telephone or by using the registration form (only available in German).