Study opportunities  

Study opportunities



Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.)
Master of Arts (M.A.)


For the bachelor programme: English B2, another modern foreign language or knowledge of Latin

For the master programme: bachelor degree required, appropriate knowledge of Japanese (comparable with level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test), English B2, aptitude test


Japanology in Leipzig concentrates on teaching and research relating to the history, society and, above all, culture of modern Japan since the end of the 18th century. It is based on a wide understanding of culture that includes everyday culture. Teaching is divided into two sections: Modern Japanese: modern high and scientific language, basics of pre-modern Japanese, Japanese-language media Japanology studies: history and cultural history of Japan, sub-sections of society in late modern/contemporary Japan with their cultural aspects and problems, culture of Japan in global contexts and in relation with other cultures and societies in eastern Asia. Learning the modern Japanese language (including basics of pre-modern Japanese) form the basis of the whole study programme. Learning the language takes up more than half of the bachelor programme and is continued in greater depth on the master programme. The bachelor programme includes a self-organised mandatory period of practical experience lasting at least six weeks in Japan or at an institution related to Japan outside Japan.

graduation admission Studies commencing in study period study guide offer since/at
Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.) Local restrictions on admission W 6 PDF WS 2007/2008
Master of Arts (M.A.) Unrestricted admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

last update: 16.10.2018 

Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.phil.habil. Steffi Richter (Bachelor & Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37157

Felix Jawinski (Bachelor & Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37140


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies