What is offered by Leipzig University

Blended Learning Integration

Leipzig University has set itself the goal of supporting ongoing blended learning integration in education and ongoing e-learning integration in continuing education.

To increase media skills, in 2006 an extensive central range of services for lecturers and students was created at Universität Leipzig. The range of services is communicated on the website and media portal of Leipzig University, including the following services for students:

  • Two central learning platforms and server support
  • Central service for all aspects of e-learning
  • Communication and support in applying for and implementing e-learning projects
  • Organisation and implementation of information events on key e-learning themes and the central learning platforms, on request in the routine courses
  • Organisation and implementation of an annual e-learning workshop
  • Open consultations and scheduled appointments for questions and problems on e-learning and the central learning platforms
  • Information on the e-learning and media skills key qualification
  • Experience reports

Learning platforms

Moodle and OPAL

Leipzig University makes the learning platforms Moodle and OPAL available to lecturers and students as university-wide e-learning platforms, free of charge and with no obligation.

Lecturers can use these platforms to support their teaching. Both systems offer students simple platforms through which they can communicate and collaborate with their tutors.


Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle)
The learning platform Moodle has been available at Leipzig University since the 2006/2007 winter semester. To be able to use our learning platform, please use your university computer centre login, which you were given when you enrolled or were employed. If you do not know what your login is or where to find it, please contact us.

Currently, more then 20,000 users are registered on the Moodle platform.

Online Platform for Academic Learning
OPAL is a web-based open source learning management system for creating Internet-based teaching and learning material. 

At present OPAL is being used by about 200 members of Leipzig University.

last update: 01.04.2016 


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