Login to the e-learning platform of Leipzig University

Welcome to the login of the e-learning platform Moodle. Students and employees of Leipzig University are able to use this platform without any restrictions. All you need to get started is your university computer centre login.

You will find the login page at:


If you encounter any problem which can't be solved by the following advice, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: elearning(at)uni-leipzig.de.

Hinweise zum Login

General tips for logging in


Please pay attention to the correct spelling of your username and password. The username should always be written exactly as it was given to you. Passwords are case-sensitive in Moodle, so make sure not to mix up the ambiguous letters and digits "I" (upper case "i"), "l" (lower case "L") and "1" (digit "one"), as well as "O" (upper case "o") and "0" (digit "zero").

Also, please enter the password completely, including every special character (full stop/period, commas, colons, etc.)!

If this is your first time logging into our Moodle, you will have to fill in some details about yourself in your Moodle profile after your first successful login. The details you provide are used to personalize your Moodle experience. If you previously had a Moodle account but were inactive for longer than one year, your Moodle profile may have been deleted for privacy reasons, so you will have to re-register and fill in your details again.

If, after providing your login details, you are not logged in without any error messages, please check that your browser is currently accepting cookies. The following links provide instruction on how to do this.


have been provided with personal login data at their enrolment. The user name always follows the pattern "abc00xyz".

Please simply enter your personal user name into the field "Username" (or "Anmeldename" if the login page is being displayed in German). Choose "@studserv.uni-leipzig.de" as your domain.

If you don't know which password to use: your password is the same as for the self-service portal of the university.

If you can't remember your login details or if you have problems logging in, you can verify your login data at one of the blue UniCard-Terminals. For further information and where to find the terminals follow this link.


should have been provided with login details at their employment. But unfortunately this is a bit more difficult because it is handled differently by each faculty. Generally, if you have been provided with an e-mail address, VPN or WLAN account from the university computer centre, you can log in to our Moodle using this data.

Please choose "@uni-leipzig.de" as your domain, even if your e-mail address ends with "@rz.uni-leipzig.de" or e.g. "@vetmed.uni-leipzig.de".

Your username is the same one you use for accessing your e-mail, the university computer centre's VPN and WLAN.

Special rules apply to employees of the Faculty of Medicine (see below) and the Institute of Computer Science.

If you haven't been provided with any login data, please get in contact with us.

Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Medizinischen Fakultät

sollten Ihr Login ebenfalls bei Ihrer Einstellung bekommen haben. Bitte benutzen Sie in diesem Fall Ihren Windows-Domänen-Account, also den Benutzernamen und Passwort, mit welchem Sie sich an Ihrem Computer anmelden (so weit dieser der Medizin-Domäne zugehörig ist).

Wählen Sie in diesem Fall als Domäne "@medizin.uni-leipzig.de" aus.

Sollten Sie als Mitarbeiter der Medizinischen Fakultät keinen Login bekommen haben, so wenden Sie sich bitte an das Fakultätsrechenzentrum der Uniklinik oder an uns.

Studierende anderer Hochschulen

Immer mehr deutsche Hochschulen nehmen am DFN-Roaming teil. Näheres dazu finden Sie hier. Über dieses Roaming ist es potenziell auch möglich, dass Sie sich mit dem Login Ihrer Heimathochschule bei Moodle anmelden. Für einige Fremdhochschulen haben wir bereits Einträge in das Auswahlfeld eingefügt (bspw. TU Dresden). Sollte Ihre Hochschule nicht dabei sein, können Sie es jedoch trotzdem probieren, indem Sie Ihren Benutzernamen gefolgt von einem "@" und Ihrer Heimathochschule (in der Form "benutzer@hs-heimat.de", also bspw. "abcd@tu-dresden.de") eingeben, das dazugehörige Passwort benutzen und im Auswahlfeld "ohne" wählen.

Sollte dies nicht funktionieren, melden Sie sich bitte bei uns, wir finden dann eine Lösung.

last update: 13.10.2017 


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