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Current students

Online-Service "Starting Your Studies"

A service for international students

In doubt about your studies?

When you start studying, but also during your studies, it is quite normal to ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my study programme still the right one for me?
  • Have I made the right choice?
  • Why am I not making any progress on my course?
  • How can I get motivated again?
  • What professional area do I want to work in later on?

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about the doubts you’re having about studying, about feeling dissatisfied or overwhelmed, or even if you’re considering dropping out. Looking critically at your own situation can, however, be useful and unlock completely new ideas and ways forward. If you would like to speak to someone neutral about your plans for the future and potential alternatives, then please do come and see us. Together we can work on solutions based on your individual needs, such as:

  • language problems
  • money worries
  • problems with studying and motivation
  • not enough credits or failed exams
  • pressure, stress and feeling overwhelmed whilst studying
  • problems making contacts on your course
  • alternatives to studying, developing new plans for the future

You are welcome to make an appointment for an initial orientation talk.


The Self-Reflection Tool can help you to reflect on your current situation at university. You are welcome to bring the results of this test to your personal consultation.

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