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What can I study at Leipzig University? 

Where can I find study programmes or courses in English?

What language requirements does Leipzig University have?

Does Leipzig University use ECTS?

There are no tuition fees at Leipzig University - will there be other study-related costs to take into consideration?

My home university doesn't have an ERASMUS agreement with Leipzig University. Is there anything I can do to still study in Leipzig as an ERASMUS student?

What can I study at Leipzig University?

Exchange students can earn up to 30 credit points (according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System/ ECTS) in any subject that has a binding Erasmus or bilateral agreement. Exchange students at Leipzig University also have the possibility of taking different foreign language courses or, with the consent of the instructors, courses in other subjects.

Erasmus departmental coordinators or study advisors (found through the Faculties' websites) will happily help you choose the right courses.

Where can I find study programmes or courses in English?

Leipzig University features many different faculties which offer some or many courses in English. The Vorlesungsverzeichnis (course catalogue) will show the current courses being taught in English for that semester, usually recognisable by their description in English or by some other indication. If you need additional help finding courses in English, your Erasmus departmental coordinator or study advisor will be happy to assist you. 

What language requirements...

...does Leipzig University have?

Students who wish to study at Leipzig University must speak either German or the language used in the courses they will take.

Course language: German

A student should be able to follow along in the course and actively take part in discussions, which is why we recommend students have at least a B2 level of German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A language certificate from a student’s home university is usually required to demonstrate a student’s language proficiency. The language certificate is only valid if it is signed by the same qualified language teacher who tested for the language level indicated by the certificate.

Course language: English

If you are planning to take courses taught in English, at the Faculty of Economics for instance, you must provide proof of proficiency in English in one of the following ways:

a) Show that you’ve studied English for five years or more at a university or pre-university school.

b) Submit a language certificate from a qualified language teacher at your home university. The language level must be at least B1, but B2 is preferable (CEFR).

c) Submit one of the following English language certificates:

  • CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Level: B2;
  • TOEFL iBT - 57, 87 TOEIC is recommended - Listening/Reading 550, Speaking 120, Writing 12;
  • Cambridge General English Exam - Preliminary English Test;
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English;
  • BEC Exam (Business English Certificate) - BEC Vantage;
  • IELTS - Modest User 5,0/5,5/6, 05-6 points, Competent User 6,5/7,0 is recommended.

Does Leipzig University use ECTS?

Yes, the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is used in all study programmes at Leipzig University to document work done by students.
Courses are arranged by theme within modules, which usually end in an exam and make up 10 credit points total. One credit point roughly corresponds to 30 hours of work for a student. To find out how credit points are distributed among individual courses in a module, please consult with the professor in charge of the module.

There are no tuition fees at Leipzig University...

...will there be other study-related costs to take into consideration?


At Leipzig University, exchange students are exempt from tuition fees. However, they have the obligation to pay a sum of money called 'semester fee'. It is due each semester and all students in Leipzig pay it. The contribution is NOT a tuition fee, since it is not intented for the University.

Part of the fee goes to Studentenwerk Leipzig paying towards a number of services provided for all students. This includes affordable meals in the dining halls, student dormitories, job placement services, and much more.

In addition, the semester fee covers a 6-months ticket for public transportation in the Leipzig region. It is called semester ticket (MDV-Vollticket).  

The third part of the semester fee goes to the Student Council. These elected student 'delegates' represent the interests of all the Leipzig University students to the rectorate, and they champion causes such as equality at the university for all, including international students.

It's important that exchange students pay the semester fee at the beginning of their studies in Leipzig and again at the beginning of their second semester, because if it's not paid the student will be exmatriculated. Further information about the the deadlines and the amount of the fee can be found on the webpage of the semester fee.

My home university doesn’t have an ERASMUS agreement...

...with Leipzig University. Is there anything I can do to still study in Leipzig as an Erasmus student?

The best thing to do would be to contact an Erasmus departmental coordinator at your home university and ask them to set up an Erasmus agreement with Leipzig University. Erasmus departmental coordinators for different institutes at Leipzig University can be contacted through the KISS database on the university’s website. If this isn’t possible, please contact Christiane Schmidt at the International Centre.

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