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Health insurance

Health insurance is obligatory

Everyone planning to study in Germany is required to have health insurance, and you cannot be enrolled without it. In Germany there are two types of health insurance, statutory - a type of public insurance - and private insurance.

Statutory health insurance

  • Students from EU-countries usually have health insurance cover through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

    The EHIC is based on social insurance agreements between Germany and other member-countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

    However,  your EHIC might not cover all possible costs. Therefore, please contact your health insurances provider before coming to Germany in order to find out about which services are included.
  • Students from non-EU states have the option of taking out a statutory health insurance in Germany in case their proper health insurance is not valid or is not accepted by Leipzig University. You are required to provide proof of a valid health insurance within one week after enrolment.

    A statutory health insurance costs app. 80 EUR per months (as of August 2016). For taking it out in Germany, the International Centre will provide you Certificate of Enrolment.

Group insurances (scholarship-holders)

Some scholarship programmes provide their participants with a so-called group insurance. If you have that, you need a confirmation that your are exempted from obligatory insurance. The confirmation needs to be issued by a statutory health insurance company in Germany.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance from other countries may be recognised in Germany. To find out more, please contact your insurance company. 

If your private health insurance is recognised in Germany, you will need confirmation that you are exempted from obligatory insurance with a statutory health insurance company. Please note that once you have received the exempt status, you cannot transfer to a statutory health insurance company while a student.

Confirmation of Health Insurance Coverage

If you have private health insurance, all medical benefits and medicines will have to be paid by you in Germany before arranging for reimbursement with your insurer at home.

last update: 02.08.2018 


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