Auditor status  

Auditor status

Auditor status

Conditions and provisions

Auditor status is a specific form of continuing education that predominantly provides vocational preparation, orientation, and support.

As an auditor, you can use institutions of the university for continuing education even if you do not have a university entrance qualification.

Please be aware that students enrolled at Leipzig University do not need to apply for auditor status in order to attend lectures which are not part of their study programme!

The fee for auditor status is 80.00 EUR. Auditor status is free of charge for students from other universities and school pupils upon submission of a current certificate of enrolment or school enrolment certificate.

An auditor status does not constitute membership of Leipzig University.

How can I become an auditor?

Select the lectures you would like to attend from the course catalogue and submit an application for auditor status. If you choose lectures from different institutes, a separate application must be completed for each institute. The application can be submitted personally, by post, fax or e-mail to the department for Continuing Education at the latest 14 days after the start of lectures. We will then assess whether you are able to attend the lectures as part of the available study capacity.

If you would like to access lecture transcripts on the internet as part of your auditor status, you will require access authorisation (login). You can obtain this via Continuing Education. Please get in touch with Ms Eger by email.

Please note: The auditor regulations do not apply when attending language courses at Leipzig University. The fee schedule of the Language Centre or the Language Institute shall apply.

University partnership Leipzig-Halle-Jena

A special form of auditor status is the university partnership Leipzig-Halle-Jena. As part of this partnership, students at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena can apply for auditor status at Leipzig University.

last update: 10.08.2018 


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Asylum seekers/refugees with valid temporary permission to remain can obtain auditor status at Leipzig University free of charge.