Double degree  

Double degree

Double degree - enrolling in an additional study programme

In accordance with Art. 11 of the enrolment regulations you can, in addition to an existing enrolment, apply to take up a further study programme.

International students

International students who come from an EU country have the option of taking a double degree. They can apply for an additional study programme within the period for changing the study programme. You can find more information on this at the International Centre.

German students

The application for an additional study programme must be made by post or in person during the re-enrolment period.

If the study programme you want to take is subject to restricted admission, the application must be made online in the proper form and by the deadline. In this case the application for a joint degree programme can only be made after admission has been granted. The approval of the application depends on whether granting the additional study programme means that no other student will be excluded from taking the subject as their first study programme.

If a higher study semester is to be applied for as part of the double degree programme, a notification of credit transfer must also be submitted as well as the application for an additional study programme. This notification is issued by the examination office/examination committee of the applicable subjects based on the achievements already produced, or suitable achievements.
If enrolment takes place, then re-enrolment or a leave semester is only possible for both study programmes. If the double enrolment is withdrawn, this must be done formally in writing at the Student Office.

last update: 02.07.2018 


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