The examination committees and examination offices are responsible for the organisation of examinations and ensuring compliance with the examination regulations.

The examination offices handle the following situations:

  • Registration for examination
  • Examination dates/enrolment deadlines
  • Recognition of previous examination achievements and examination achievements that have been produced at other universities
  • Admission to be examined
  • Withdrawal from the examination
  • Appeals
  • Announcement of examination results
  • Issuing of certificates

The study programme and examination regulations contain general and programme-specific provisions such as the standard length of the study programme, deadlines, admission requirements, types and assessment of examination achievements, as well as length of the programme, structure of the programme, scope of the programme, subject-specific requirements, objective of the examinations, and degree.

New applicants who apply to Leipzig University for a higher semester and want to have achievements for previous study credited will need an Anrechnungsbescheid (credit form notice). The examination committee or study adviser of the institute concerned decide which achievements will be credited, and this will be confirmed in the Anrechnungsbescheid.

Students at Leipzig University can see an overview of their grades via the self-service function on the Internet. The statutory regulations on examination achievements are set out in the enrolment regulations.

last update: 27.09.2018 


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