Notification of changes  

Notification of

Notification of changes

You must notify the university of the following changes to your personal details :

  • Changes to your address must be made on the Internet via the self-service functions using a TAN.
  • For a change of name (international students), please present the official documents at the International Centre during office hours.
  • A change of name (German students) is carried out by presenting the official documents at the Student Office during office hours, but can also be requested by post (submit a copy of the official documents).
  • For a change in health insurance (international students) after enrolment, the International Centre must be informed.
  • For a change in health insurance (German students) after enrolment, proof of the new health insurance policy must be submitted to the Student Office immediately.

If you have private health insurance, proof of exemption from compulsory health insurance – issued by a statutory health insurance company, usually by the AOK – is required. A copy of the chip card is not sufficient. The previous insurance company must inform the university if membership with it lapses or there are payments in arrears. We must point out that non-submission of the new proof of insurance coverage through your own fault in accordance with Art. 18 para 2.3 in conjunction with Art. 21 para 3.1 of the Saxony University Act of 10.12.2008 can lead to early official removal from the register.

last update: 03.09.2018 


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