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Study abroad

PROMOS scholarship for semester abroad


Explore the world!

PROMOS funds

  • semesters abroad (30 days to 6 months) or
  • final theses (30 days to 6 months)

-> Funding can be used worldwide, albeit outside the Erasmus+ programme (exception: Students have already made full use of Erasmus+ funding) and outside other DAAD programmes.

-> Prerequisite for funding final theses: No regular courses are attended at the host university.

Target group

  • fully enrolled students of all study programmes intending to complete their degree at Leipzig University
  • note: students on international master programmes are required to spend at least one semester at Leipzig University
  • from the 3rd semester of study (BA students)/ from the 1st semester of study (MA students)
  • PhD candidates are not entitled to funding through this programme.

What’s available

TIP: Please note that when applying for a study place as part of the bilateral university agreements and the Utrecht Network (MAUI & AEN) you can apply for a PROMOS scholarship simultaneously. It is not possible to submit a separate or second application for a PROMOS scholarship for this study visit.


Application periods

  • for study visits commencing between July and December 2018: 1 May-1 June 2018
  • for study visits commencing between January and June 2019: 1 November-1 December 2018
  • applicants are informed of whether their application has been successful or unsuccessful from around 1.5 months after the end of the application period

Application documents

  • Online application (access using University login)
  • When applying online, please upload the documents listed in the checklist in PDF format.
  • Please only apply online via the portal.
  • We can only consider applications which are submitted in full and on time.
  • You will receive a personal confirmation message once it has been checked whether your application is complete.

Please note the:



The scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria (including assessment weighting):

  • subject-specific qualification and personal aptitude (50%)
  • whether the planned visit makes sense in terms of previous studies (30%)
  • language skills essential for the visit (20%)

Every application is reviewed and evaluated according to the specified criteria by two experts from related fields.

Advice and information

PROMOS scholarships can also be awarded for

  • internships
  • language courses etc.


We’d be happy to advise you.

last update: 13.09.2018 


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