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Bachelor of Science. (B.Sc.)
Master of Science. (M.Sc.)


For the master programme: bachelor degree in biology or an equivalent degree with biology as a major subject at a recognised academic university in Germany or abroad or credentials recognised as equivalent by legal provision or by the responsible public authority, English B2, aptitude test


Students taking this bachelor programme acquire general abilities in biological principles in conformance with other natural sciences, especially biochemistry, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The programme offers an introduction to the principles of scientific research and to applied aspects of biology. All students must take the following compulsory modules: general botany, general zoology, principles of botanical systematics, special zoology, plant physiology, animal physiology, microbiology, cell biology, genetics I, together with associated basic knowledge of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and principles of biochemistry. Three modules have to be selected from the following programme of compulsory elective modules: Applied botany, organismal diversity, (cormophytes, fungi) geobotany, ecology, molecular plant physiology, environmental microbiology I, genetics II, animal ecology, evolution, neurobiology, behavioural physiology, applied microbiology, conservation and environmental protection, behavioural psychology.

On completion of this programme, students can apply for the strongly research-oriented Master of Science in biology. Together with the compulsory modules, the master’s programme in biology focuses on a wide range of selected compulsory subjects in the different sub-sections of biology and the related fields of medicine, chemistry, physics and geosciences. Classes can also be offered in English. From the programme of modules, students have to choose five biological compulsory elective modules and one non-biological compulsory elective module or four biological compulsory elective modules and two non-biological compulsory elective modules.

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Bachelor of Science. (B.Sc.) Local restrictions on admission W 6 PDF WS 2006/2007
Master of Science. (M.Sc.) Local restrictions on admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

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