Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Multimedia distance course in French



Basic knowledge of French for module 1, totalling about 120 hours


The teaching material comprises a total of 6 modules on general French, designed to be completed in sequence. The programme is supplemented by modules on specialist French for administration and for business. This study programme is intended for participants with a university degree or college qualification, for students who are planning to spend time in a French-speaking region and applicants who have gained the necessary basic knowledge through their job or in some other way.

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Acquisition of qualifications to take the following examinations: - university examinations UNICERT I, II and III - certificates from the Paris Chamber of Industry and Commerce: Certificat de français du secrétariat / Certificat pratique de français commercial et économique - French diplomas DELF and DALF and certificate for successful completion of each module. Fees will be charged

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