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The aim of the basic programme is the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills in the following fields: Linear algebra, geometry, algebra, differential and integral calculus, common differential equations, measure theory, theory of probability, numerics and computer science and in a subsidiary subject or economics. In this way, students will build up the essential foundation of basic mathematical knowledge and recurring modes of conclusion and thought and become trained in mathematical thought.

The main programme comprises individually influenced enhancement of knowledge, in-depth instruction in special areas of mathematics and an independent academic thesis. The programme (standard length of the programme 10 semesters) aims to enable students to acquaint themselves with new sectors independently, to address specific problems from application areas on a mathematical basis and process them creatively in co-operation with students from other faculties. On both the basic and the main programme, students must choose a subsidiary subject (e.g. physics, computer science, ...) and a module on theoretical physics as an example of applied mathematics.

The whole programme is designed to prepare students for professional work in application-, research- and teaching-related fields and to provide them with the necessary mathematical knowledge, skills and methods to enable them to handle academic work, to think independently and to act responsibly. In this way, the foundations are laid for professional development and for the ability to continue learning.

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Marco Neumann (Bachelor & Master)
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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science