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The programme in medicine lasts six years. The first pre-clinical section of the programme lasts two years and ends with the First Part of the Medical Examination. The second and clinical part of the programme lasts four years, with the final year including a coherent 48-week internship (Practical Year), ending with the Second Part of the Medical Examination. The legal basis is the Code for the Licence to Practise Medicine.

In the pre-clinical section of the programme, students learn the natural-science fundamentals for the clinical disciplines. For admission to the First Part of the Medical Examination, students must also provide evidence of a three-month nursing internship and attendance of a first-aid course.

The clinical section aims to supply and reinforce the necessary specialist knowledge in theoretical and practical terms. For admission to the Second Part of the Medical Examination, students must provide evidence of completion of the Practical Year, along with the certificates showing that they have completed the clinical subjects.

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Non-EU-nationals need to apply via uni-assist e.V. Further details are given at the International Centre’s website.

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