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The programme in veterinary medicine (standard length of programme 11 semesters) is divided into a pre-clinical and clinical section in line with the Licensing Code (TAppO) of 27 July 2006.

The pre-clinical section consists of the natural science subjects (physics, chemistry, zoology, botany,) and the anatomical and physiological section (anatomy, histology and embryology, physiology, biochemistry, animal breeding and genetics) and ends after at least 4 semesters with the Preliminary Examination in Veterinary Medicine (Physikum).

The clinical section ends with the Examination in Veterinary Medicine, and from the 5th to the 11th semester comprises the following examination subjects: animal husbandry and animal hygiene, animal welfare and ethology, animal nutrition, clinical propaedeutics, virology, bacteriology and mycology, parasitology, control of animal epidemics, infection epidemiology, pharmacology, drug and narcotics law, poultry diseases, radiology, general pathology and special pathology, anatomy and histology, food hygiene, meat hygiene, milk hygiene, reproductive medicine, internal medicine, surgery and anaesthesiology and forensic veterinary medicine, vocational and professional law.

The 10th and 11th semesters constitute a practical veterinary year, in which veterinary skills are taught in the faculty clinics. This section also includes internships that are carried out outside the faculty. The veterinary programme includes internships of at least 30 weeks overall.

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Non-EU-nationals need to apply via uni-assist e.V. Further details are given at the International Centre’s website.

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