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This programme provides future dentists with a wide range of knowledge and skills: prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases, correction of dental and jaw anomalies (orthodontics) and prosthesis studies. Practical training in dentistry is of special importance.

The legal basis of the programme is the Licensing Code for Dentists. The standard length of the programme is 10 semesters and 6 months, including the examination period for the Examination in Dentistry. The programme of study is divided into a pre-clinical section (divided again into two parts lasting two and, respectively, three semesters) and a clinical section lasting five semesters. After the 2nd semester, students must sit the preliminary natural-science examination in physics/biophysics, chemistry and biology.

The Preliminary Examination in Dentistry (Physikum) at the end of the 5th semester comprises anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and prosthetic studies. By this stage, at the latest, evidence of a knowledge of Latin has to be submitted. The Examination in Dentistry is taken at the end of the 10th semester in the following subjects: General pathology and pathological anatomy, pharmacology, hygiene, medical microbiology and preventive health care, internal medicine, dermatological and venereal diseases, ear, nose and throat diseases, dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases, surgery, tooth preservation, prosthetic studies, orthodontics.

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Non-EU-nationals need to apply via uni-assist e.V. Further details are given at the International Centre’s website.

last update: 17.08.2018