If you already have a degree and are considering a career change, furthering your education, or specialising, then you may wish to consider a second undergraduate degree. To enrol on a second undergraduate degree programme, you must already hold a degree from a German university or university of applied sciences when you apply.

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Since the summer semester 2018, Leipzig University has charged tuition fees for second undergraduate degrees under certain conditions.

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Applying for a Second Undergraduate Degree

Programmes with admission restrictions

If you would like to apply for a programme with restricted admissions (NC degree programme), then we must receive your degree certificate from a university or university of applied sciences by no later than 20 August of the year in question.

Three per cent of the study places available on a degree programme with restricted admissions are allocated to second undergraduate degree applicants. The selection from within this second undergraduate degree quota is made based on a special numeric indicator. This is calculated from the final grade of your first degree and your reasons for choosing the second course of studies. A more detailed explanation (in German) is available in this information sheet.

Programmes with no admission restrictions

If you would like to apply for degree programme with no admission restrictions, you will also need a degree certificate from a university or university of applied sciences. However, you can submit this at any point up until you enrol. You do not have to provide reasons for choosing the second undergraduate degree. Assuming you fulfil all the formal requirements, you will be offered your desired study place. For more information, please go to Application Documents.

  • Are you not yet enrolled at our university? Please also be sure to read the information on applying online.
  • Are you already a student at Leipzig University? Then please note the further information about transferring to a new course.
  • Please also use our AlmaWeb study portal when applying for a second undergraduate degree.

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