Saxony’s job market is a great source of work for our students, graduates, doctoral researchers and postgraduates, especially due to the many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based here. This page introduces some of these SMEs. Our projects and events bring you into direct contact with regional employers. Perhaps you could even end up working for one of them.


Our projects inform you about your options and unlock new perspectives for your career in Saxony.

TalentTransfer, a project of the StepIn programme, is a new initiative set up by the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport (SMWA) aimed at securing skilled workers.

In the three regions of Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig, TalentTransfer puts young academics in touch with local companies in order to get Saxony’s students, doctoral researchers and alumni interested in the regional business world. Together with the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and ZAROF. GmbH, our university is part of an experienced project alliance for the Leipzig region that aims to offer orientation early on and point out real-world career options.

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Dr Anna Kristin Flocke

StepIn and TalentTransfer Project Coordinator

Akademische Verwaltung
Goethestraße 3-5, Room 1.17
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-30069
Fax: +49 341 97-39301

The “quer denken” project – which was recently renamed A² – puts Leipzig University students and graduates in touch with companies in and around Leipzig and northern Saxony, a region where academic specialists are in high demand. This exchange helps to make students and companies aware of each other’s potential and opportunities.

  • Students from our university are given access to the job market in the district of Nordsachsen. Actively taking part allows graduates to benefit from new opportunities and perspectives.
  • Companies get to know new academic target groups, especially from the humanities and social sciences. They recognise the students’ potential, which they can use and further develop for their individual business needs.

Since 1 October 2016, the project has been investigating students’ expectations with regard to career entry, but also what northern Saxon companies are looking for in university graduates.

The project is supported by a cooperation network consisting of Leipzig University’s Career Service, Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordsachsen GmbH, companies from the district of Nordsachsen and ZAROF. GmbH.

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“Quickstart Sachsen” is a flagship project offering support on the subject of dropping out of university, highlighting opportunities.

It is aimed at students who are considering dropping out of university or have already dropped out, as well as at companies that would like to exploit the potential of (former) students:

  • Information on vocational training after dropping out of university
  • Consultant networking and training
  • Raising awareness and removing taboos on the subject of dropping out

The project pools existing advisory services and information from universities, the Federal Employment Agency, chambers of industry and commerce, and other stakeholders throughout Saxony, thereby creating a network. The dialogue between regional members within that network ensures high-quality consultations and develops effective solutions to the challenges of students leaving university early.

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Christin Hiebner

Quickstart Project Team

Akademische Verwaltung
Goethestraße 3-5, Room 1.17
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-30030
Fax: +49 341 97-39301

Work in Leipzig 2020

This event is an opportunity for students, alumni and others to meet recently established companies and find out about prospects for starting a career in our Leipzig region. Our Career Service organises the annual event together with Leipzig Alumni and Invest Region Leipzig.

Work in Leipzig 2020: new companies introduce themselves
Live Stream From 26 November 2020

Live Stream From 26 November 2020

Live stream from 26 November 2020

Introducing the Region’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

PRISMA is great because...

We are an agile, diverse, and international team with colleagues from more than 15 different nations. We are constantly changing and improving thanks to our collaborative culture and cross-functional teams.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

If you are a fan of music, art and culture; then Leipzig is the place to be. Leipzig is a city with plenty to do and a burgeoning multicultural scene. You can find every advantage of a modern city and still be able to enjoy the peaceful, serene environment of the nearby countryside. 

Applicants should be... 

A PRISMAte is always eager to learn and likes driving different topics and takes ownership! PRISMA is open-minded and diverse and so are our colleagues! Newbies should not be afraid of challenging the status quo and bringing their ideas.

My first day at PRISMA was... 

Welcoming! It’s always intimidating to join a new company, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I felt immediately comfortable and part of the team.

(Interview with Mariana Fernandez. The working language at PRISMA is English.)

Mariana Fernandez. Photo: PRISMA
Mariana Fernandez. Photo: PRISMA

the nu company is great because...

We want to show that there is another way – healthier, tastier, more sustainable. That’s why we’re declaring war on sugar, plastic and climate change. We are a diverse, highly motivated team that combines strengths from sustainable management, nutrition science, design and marketing and puts our full effort into the mission for better nutrition and sustainability.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

Leipzig is full of talented people, some of them fresh out of uni and others with professional experience. In addition, a lot of people who live in Leipzig can identify with our goal of making the world a greener place. This is obviously a perfect fit, which is why we have already found plenty of new colleagues here.

Also, many people are willing to move to Leipzig to work with us because the city offers so much variety.

Applicants should be... 

That naturally depends on the position in question, but in general we are looking for new colleagues who are as keen as we are to plant a billion trees. Applicants should also be highly self-motivated (since we work according to the Holacracy model), hungry for more (not only for bars, although we can understand that) and enjoy start-up life (there’s sometimes an extra hour of work to do, but you get a family for free).

My first day at the nu company was... 

Unforgettable and incredibly welcoming. In the morning, because it was the start of a new quarter, the founders presented the plans for the last three months and everything the company had achieved. In addition, all of us nu*bies were introduced to the rest of the team. After that, there was a very individual, structured and exciting onboarding process. We were prepared for the working day, given a package with bars, books and electronic devices, and in the evening the day was topped off with a cocktail party in the office. The next day we all travelled together to the Erzgebirge and planted trees. What a way to start!

(Interview with Inés Rogge)

Inés Rogge. Photo: the nu company

madebymade is great because...

...we’re creating something completely new. Building a modular insect breeding plant together is very exciting and challenging. A lot of information just doesn’t exist yet, so there is a good deal of “learning by doing”. There is also a high learning curve in our work, because lateral thinking and new ideas are necessary to move forward. Working at our company is very exciting and we learn a lot.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

...proximity to Leipzig University as well as research institutions with which we partner. With our concept of local recycling management, we want to strengthen the region in the long term and we also hope to find motivated future employees here.

Applicants should be...

...motivated and eager to participate in something innovative. That, and passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future. Don’t be afraid of insects and larvae – or of getting your hands dirty!

My first day at madebymade was...

...exciting! I was given a very warm welcome and had time to settle in and familiarise myself with the world of insect breeding.
(Interview with Charlott Ochsenfahrt)

Photograph of Charlott Ochsenfahrt
Charlott Ochsenfahrt. Photo: madebymade

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator is great because...

...we work with a large network of exciting start-ups with business ideas. The growing start-ups are constantly looking for new staff and advertise lots of jobs, including for students keen to get a foot on the career ladder.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

...a growing community of creative and international people who want to realise their business ideas or work in a start-up.

Applicants should be...

The start-ups in our network often have flat hierarchies. This requires perceptiveness and an ability to take charge of your work. Good English is often required. At some companies only English is spoken, which is particularly advantageous for international applicants.

Last week I learned...

...that I should ask a lot more questions. This is true both when looking for a job and in professional life in general. You reach your goal faster and, if you are proactive and approach people, it is amazing how often people are prepared to help you.
(Interview with Marina Chkolnikov)

Photo of Marina Chkolvikov
Marina Chkolvikov. Photo: SpinLab

InterCultural Elements is great because…

...the company is very international. I find it just wonderful to have the opportunity to communicate and share ideas with people from all over the world on a daily basis. That’s what makes working at ICE so fun. The flat hierarchy promotes communication and employees are encouraged to contribute ideas.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

...steady growth in the labour market and the e-commerce industry. Leipzig is a young and dynamic city where more and more young people want to live, because the intercultural environment offers them plenty of opportunities to put their ideas into practice.

Applicants should be...

...motivated and interested in working in a multicultural team and in the field of e-commerce. The official language of the company is English, but since we work in an international environment and with customers from all over the world, it is important for us that our employees speak other languages too.

My first day at InterCultural Elements was...

...packed with exciting experiences. I really liked the working environment and the international team made me feel most welcome. They were always willing to help me during my training, which made me feel more comfortable at work. Since then, ICE has constantly offered me new challenges, so it never gets boring.

(Interview with Guissell Leiva Sánchez)

Guissell Leiva Sánchez. Photo: InterCultural Elements
Auf dem Vorschaubild für das Firmenporträtvideo ist ein junger Mann zu sehen. In einer Sprechblase stehen Daten zu seiner Ausbildung.

Tilia is great because...

... our employees have a wide range of strategic, operational and technical skills and experience. This allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers and projects and to implement them together.

Saxony and the Leipzig region offer us...

...highly qualified young professionals from various fields who come to us to gain an insight into the energy industry and water management and experience aspects of sustainability in practice.

Applicants should be...

...keen to learn about new topics, able to think outside the box, and communicative team players.

My first day at Tilia was... September 2015. As an intern, I was able to gain my first work experience in the company and apply the knowledge I had learned during my studies. Today – about five years later – I can look back on an exciting time and am glad to be a part of Tilia in Leipzig.

(Interview with Carlos Walther)

Carlos Walther, Photo: Tilia GmbH
Seven people are shown standing on a stage.
Foto eines mit Stichwörtern beschriebenen Tisches, auf dem Filzstifte liegen.
Studierende bei einem Workshop von Quer Denken
Studierende nehmen an einem Workshop von Quer Denken teil

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