Each year our university organises the Ringvorlesung, a series of lectures examining a topical, socially relevant issue from a variety of academic perspectives. The annual lecture series consists of six talks and is open to all.

This year’s lectures

The theme of the lecture series in 2019 is “Globalisation – Opportunities and Risks”. Scheduled for February and March 2019, the lectures will examine various aspects of globalisation, such as digitisation, nutrition and international relations. Interested members of the public are cordially invited to register for the lecture series or for individual lectures. There will be time for discussion after each lecture.


Annual lecture series 2019: Globalisation – Opportunities and Risks

Period: 19 February ‒ 26 March 2019
Day and time: Tuesday, 4.30pm ‒ 6pm
Location: Lecture hall 6 at the Augustusplatz campus



Lecturer Field Topic

19 Feb 19

Prof. Dr. Elsenhans


Globalisierung - Herausforderung oder rechter Kampfbegriff

26 Feb 19

Prof. Dr. Gräbe


Kultur der Digitalität

5 Mar 19

Prof. Dr. Quaas


Konzentration des Kapitals und Ungleichheit der Einkommen – Überlegungen entlang der Argumentation von Thomas Piketty

12 Mar 19

Prof. Dr. Fiedler


Globalisierung und internationale sprachliche Kommunikation

19 Mar 19

Prof. Dr. Möhring


Esskulturen in Bewegung: Die Globalisierung der Ernährung

26 Mar 19

Prof. Dr. Donges

Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft

Zwischen Landlust und Silicon Valley: Mediale Kommunikation in Zeiten der Globalisierung


More information about the next annual lecture series and the individual topics can be found in the programme flyer.
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It is possible to register for the entire lecture series or for individual lectures. You can register easily online or return the registration form to us in person or by email, post or fax.


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In the past, the annual lecture series has dealt with the following topics.


  • 1914: The World in Transition ‒ The Beginning of the Modern Age
  • The World in 100 Years ‒ Retrospective and Forecasts
  • What is happiness?
  • The Emergence of Fields of Knowledge ‒ Globalisation of Knowledge
  • Intoxication and Ecstasy ‒ Scholarly Reflections on Exceptional States of Consciousness
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