Construction projects  

Construction projects

Construction projects at the city-centre campus

600 years of university construction history at Augustusplatz

The Leipzig University in 1830

Since the Leipzig University was founded in 1409 it has characterised the face of the city centre architecturally. On 22 April 1544, Elector Moritz von Sachsen signed the deed of donation, giving St. Pauli Abbey and the landed property belonging to it to the university. This gave the university extensive grounds, which, under the name “Collegium Paulinum”, practically constituted its own city district. In 1830, work began on the prestigious main building of Leipzig University, designed by the architect Albert Geutebrück (1801-1868). After five years of construction, the ceremonial inauguration of the university’s new main building took place on 3 August 1836.

By 1870 the university was already outgrowing its capacity. The architect Arwed Rossbach was commissioned to create a radical new design for the city-centre university campus. The university complex with the wings Augusteum, Albertinum, Johanneum and Paulinum was ceremonially opened on 15 June 1897. Now, around 350 after the city-centre area was donated to the university, the university grounds in Augustusplatz represent an architecturally well-thought-out and self-contained campus.

During the Second World War, the city-centre campus was almost completely destroyed by the attacks of the Allied Air Forces. Only the university church St. Pauli‘s miraculously remained almost unscathed. On 5 February 1946, the Leipzig University was reopened under Soviet control. On 30 May 1968, the Augusteum and the intact university church St. Pauli’s were demolished on orders of the SED regime – an act met with great protest by Leipzig’s citizens.

By 1978 a new “socialist” university complex had been built: comprising a 142.5 metre tall high-rise building in the shape of an opened book, the administration building, the dining hall and the seminar and lecture room block. The basic architectural design was thought out by the team of Prof. Dr. Hermann Henselmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Siegel, Dipl.-Ing. Ambros G. Gross and architect Helmut Ullmann.

Architect Erik van Egeraat

After German reunification in 1990, an architecture competition for the redevelopment of the city-centre university complex was advertised by the Free State of Saxony, the university and the city of Leipzig,. On 24 March 2004 the jury selected the design by the Rotterdam architectural office Erik van Egeraat Associated Architects (EEA). Other building projects at the university campus were carried out by the architectural office behet+bondzio.

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