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Help for Refugees

Great Commitment among Leipzig University's Staff and Students

Enabling refugees to attend lectures for free, an online platform for refugee researchers, many activities organised by the students' union StuRa – when it comes to refugee aid, Leipzig University is home to a great number of initiatives.

Attending Lectures for Free

Since the beginning of the winter semester 2015/16, refugees are welcome to attend lectures at Leipzig University, free of charge. This auditor status ("Gasthörerschaft") requires a valid temporary permission to remain in Germany ("Aufenthaltsgestattung").

In general, refugees can also apply to study at Leipzig University. Staff at the International Centre provide individual assistance with the application and enrolment processes. The criteria for university access, enrolment, crediting of academic achievements, aptitude tests and standardised degrees are identical for all applicants. Foreign applicants must prove that their language skills are sufficient for their chosen study programme.

If they cannot produce the original documents that are usually the requirement for university access, the University will instead assess incomplete documents, or photocopies of these documents. If necessary, the applicant will be examined in order to assess their qualification to be admitted to their chosen study programme. Staff at the International Centre and the Continuing Education team (for matters concerning the auditor status) are glad to help the foreign applicant with questions regarding this process.

Free Access to Knowledge at the University Library

The University Library Leipzig provides refugees with a free-of-charge guest card that is issued to them without any bureaucratic hassle. The guest card enables them to use the library as well as the stationary PCs and the internet. Refugees with auditor status may receive a standard library card that includes all services (such as checking out books, which is not possible with a guest card). The Library also offers guided tours given in English.

StuRa: Intense Involvement in Working Groups

The students' union StuRa set up seven working groups. Many students are interested in the groups' work and have become involved, says Marcus Adler of the Anti-Racism unit. The working groups' names are "Sports and Games", "Language", "Culture", "Wagner-Hain", "Politics", "Solidarity Activities" and "Support beyond the Ernst Grube Hall/Support Leipzig".

A Bridge between Languages for Refugees and Helpers

Leipzig University's Institute of Oriental Studies provides aides and refugees with a bridge between languages in the form of a web-based phrase book. This website is going to enable its users to communicate in Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, and German without the help of interpreters. Users can choose from a number of samples from typical dialogue situations (e.g., in the government office, in a school, or at the doctor's) that will be displayed in writing and can be played as an audio file. A Beta version is already available online.

Online Platform "chance for science"

The Chair of Management Science and Taxation has developed and launched a web portal for refugee researchers and German research institutions. The website, built under the supervision of Carmen Bachmann, is meant to establish contact between German researchers and refugee researchers,to help the latter continue their work in Germany. The portal enables refugee researchers and scientists from German universities/institutions to create profiles that display information concerning their previous research within their respective discipline.

Similar to a social network, the portal allows its users to get in touch with each other. The refugee researchers can be integrated into the scientific discourse by offering them access to libraries, invitations to academic events, guest lectures at universities, joint authorship of academic publications, and occasional Skype meetings to promote scientific exchange.

last update: 07.06.2017 


Commissioner for Refugees
Prof. Dr. Günther Fitzl
Liebigstr. 13
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-22043
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