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Our Mission: University Communications

Our primary mission is conveying Leipzig University's strategic aims, its accomplishments, and its philosophy. We want students, researchers, friends, and sponsors to flock to our University, we want to integrate it into the city and the region, and we strive to increase both its national and international visibility. In order to do so, we disseminate clearly understandable information about the University, using all suitable media and types of events. We provide our communication partners within and without the University with services specific to their target group. We continuously build up our University's public and internal image and cooperate closely to achieve a unified and consistent appearance (brand identity), while constantly adding new facets to it. We pay close attention to the way that our activities are perceived by both the public and our own staff, and we pride ourselves on working responsibly, meticulously, sustainably, and transparently. We highly value continuous self-improvement, which is why we always evaluate our work's results. Our dynamic field of work requires further education and internal as well as external networking, especially with other universities. We, the University Communications team, see ourselves as intermediaries that offer important transfer services across structures and that help people identify with our University.

Dr. Madlen Mammen

Dr. Madlen Mammen

Ritterstraße 30–36
Room 314
04109 Leipzig

+49 341 97-35013
+49 341 97-35039
  • Managing the Department of University Communications
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating of internal and external brand and communication strategies

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Department of University Communications
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